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Sandy Penny began proofing my books, and that caused a discussion about changing my website to better present my Regency Romance stories. She worked with me on design suggestions, building the site, refining it as we went along, writing content, and even suggesting a new book for my series. She refined my book descriptions for Amazon. Sandy embodies the spirit of the project while using her web building and wide range of other skills to make this process fast and easy for me. She even does my social media posting. Her prices are excellent. If she ever discovers how valuable she is to me, I'm in a lot of trouble. ~Amelia Fernside, Regency Romance Author

Sandy does a great job at a great price. She works quickly, and is delightful to work with. Sandy gave me marketing ideas, helped me set up PayPal invoicing, showed me how to amend the site, optimized the site with key words for search engines and submitted the site to them, and is providing complimentary weekly reports on site usage. Long story short, she made it much easier and faster than I expected. I whole-heartedly recommend her services. ~Don Schwartz, Transition Mentoring 

"Sandy Penny designed my site, edited my content, chose photos and books to companion with my articles and got everything up and running with the search engines. She made it seem easy, and I am so grateful for her patience and professionalism" ~Margaret Rustan, UnicornWisdom 

A Spiritual sitebuilding experience: "Sandy assisted me in building two websites, they were birthed into existence due entirely to her most excellent support. With her expertise we created beautiful personalized banners, (ok, ok I mostly watched her create the banners). Her recommendations and content editing made my sites more professional. Through Sandy's attitude and capacities I found this challenging, creative process fun. I will definitely call her again for web and writing assistance. For anyone wanting this kind of support, I highly recommend Sandy."  ~CN, Albuquerque

Gratitude from a Very Funny Student: "Not being a net wit, I found the help provided by Ms. Penny to be worth every... er... penny. The solid practical advice she provided on creating a dynamic website was intermingled with equally insightful information on marketing my scribblings much more effectively. I was impressed by her friendliness, professionalism and knowledge. She was a Godsend which should have come as no surprise since I'd heard for years that 'Penny's from heaven.' Sorry. I couldn't resist." ~Chris McKerracher, Senior Humour Writer, Pipestone Flyer.

Success at Last: "I was struggling with monetized blogs when I met Sandy Penny. She worked with me on two separate blogs, creating the look and feel, designing the banner and making the template work for my purposes. She addressed each challenge with me as it came up, and we laughed a lot at our learning curve. I highly recommend her for websites, writing/editing and blogging. I love knowing I have her in my back pocket as a resource whenever I need her skill, creativity and sage advice. I would definitely work with her again and If I were writing a book, she would be my very first choice as editor and chief." ... MW, Albuquerque, NM