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Covenant of the Dove

Have you ever felt compelled to do something that was totally out of character and maybe even dangerous? 

Ana White has just been through a harrowing experience that has her family considering committing her. Ana is completely confused and shows up on Sanctuary's doorstep in a depleted and desperate condition begging for help. She needs closure with Columb Cunradh, an Irish doctor with whom she fell desperately in love. She followed him around the world until he had her deported for stalking. He kept giving her signals and asking her to come. Why?

Based on a true story, in this novelette, Sandy Penny has crafted a work of magical realism that cascades into the veiled world of the past, present and the creative plane of existence.

Sanctuary is a halfway house for the spiritually awakening. Many mystical, metaphysical and magical events happen to the people who live there and the people who show up for Sandy Penny's help and guidance.

Navigating the fine line between reality, fantasy, dementia, reincarnation and muli-dimensionality makes this journey a precarious and fascinating one.

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